Ok- Don't Judge me for my Choices. 

The idea is to eat at your regular level for 5 days and for 2 non consecutive days you eat at around 500 to 600 calories.  This is my first try at it to see if i could do it. I did it, it wasnt so bad- I might do this for a few weeks to see if I get any movement on the scale. 

You heard me. the scale is not moving. Well, thats partially my fault. I have been in a funk really, and even though i havent really been going CRAZY! I have still not been eating like I should. 

Take for instance ..... oh the whole month os September. LOL. I was probably eating at my maintenance level. So i have not gained any weight, but I havent really lost any weight either. The whole point of this journey is to lose weight. 

But that's the point. What did i just say? This journey.... It is a journey, there is a destination. No matter how you get there, the point is to just get there. 

Well, im halfway there. More than halfway there actually. Maybe that's what is not motivating me? I have come so close, that i am scared to go any smaller. This is almost as small as i have been. When i i hit 220 lbs,- that will be the last weight that i rememebr seeingon a scale besides remembering the 280 lbs eeekk.

So... I decided to try something new.... Anyone familiar with the 5:2?

So it's not a diet in the sense that you can only eat certain items, or at certain times, or this on that day or this on the other day. Nahhhh. Besides, you guys know how i feel about FAD DIETS. It is an eating plan i guess. Still my alloted calories, just configuring them different.

The idea is to eat at your maintenance level for 5 days and then 2 days out of the week ( non-consecutive days) you eat at around 500-600 calories. Those days that you eat low, of course you dont exercise. That would be crazy. 

I am not going to be eating at the maintenance level either. My maintenance level would be like 2,200 calories. Eh- Im not going that high. I'm going to keep my regular days at like 1500 calories. I figure i just need a bigger deficit. I'll be trying this out for a while and seeing if it gets the scale moving. I am starting it i guess for real next week. 

I tried out one "fasting" day yesterday and i think I did pretty well. 

Check out the next post for my "fasting" day yesterday, 

-fat Betty

Turkey Chili for a Lazy Football Sunday

So like I said in my last post. It was a lazy Sunday. It was cold out. I wanted to stay in all day. So I did all my cooking with stuff I had on hand. 

Above is a picture of my Turkey Chili and a corn muffin. No the corn muffin was not mine, and neither was that bowl .You can tell becasue it has so much cheese onit. LOL. You know that's NOT mine. LOL. 

A whole large bowl of this was only 270 Calories. ((Click here for recipe))
Meal Prep Is a MUST!

*Breakfast and Lunch*
*5 Days Worth*

*One hour*
*No Extra Shopping Trip*
*No extra Expense*

So, I use to make my lunch every night for the next day depending on what we had left over form that nights dinner. That sometimes lead to stuff that wasnt the healthist seeing as how I cook for the whoel family at night and somwtimes we eat things that are not the healthiest. it's a compromise. I can't just stop cooking all of their (and my) favorite things. And let's face it, You can change a recipe and change a recipe to make it healthier, but sooner or later all the changes just make it a whole new recipe. - The favorite dish is now lost. It's nice to go back and eat a few of the favorite family dishes. 

Anyway, this brought me to thinking about meal prepping weekly on Sunday night for the week's breakfast and Lunch. Much easier than I initially thought. 

Sometimes I will shop JUST for what I am going to eat, or sometimes ( like last night) I capitalize on what I am making for the family, and use what I have leftover. No sense in going shopping for new stuff when what i have needs to be eaten or cooked. 

So last night- I made Turkey Chili! 

Dry beans cooked in the slow cooker, then I sauteed some ground turkey with onions, and seasonings ( chili powder, cayenned powder, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, cumin) and then added some whole peeled tomatoes and the meat to the beans in the crockpot.

 {{ I seperated some plain ground turkey for my Lunch, as well as some plain beans out of the crockpot before i added everything together}}

So the family's dinner was done. And I began prepping for lunch.

I raided the fridge!!

I pulled out some Zucchini and crooked neck Yellow Squash I bought last week and was still good since i never cut it open. 
I had meal prepped some sweet potatoes last week ( whole and just baked).
That's pretty much it right? 
Ground Turkey for Protein....
Sweet Potatoe as my starch......
Squash as my veggie. ( you can have a ton for so little).

Now I do like a bit of variation, so normally i will make two different dishes and alternate through out the week. And by two different dishes, I mean the same protein but i might change the seasonings or flavorings and switch up the veggies. it depends. What do you want to eat?

( I should mention that I had one dish leftover from last week that I will be eating today- Tilapia, asparagus etc)

So I seperated some Ground Turkey into 3 containers. (2oz) (Tues, Thursday, Fri)
Sliced raw zucchini and squash and layered into [2] the containers ( 200gs)
Sweet Potatoe slivers in all containers. (50gs)

In the other Zucchini-less container I added some of the plain seperated Pinto beans I had cooked. I added just some frozen broccoli to the container because it didnt look colorful enough. (HeHe)

That left me with two days free ( one for my Tilapia Leftovers)
The second for a bowl of my Turkey Chili! ( I took some leftover zuchinni and chopped it to make my little bit of chili more substantial and add more veggies)

I make Overnight Oatmeal ( see prior posts) and my newest invention! Microwave eggs!

Less than an Hour. 
No seperate shopping trip.
Breakfast and lunch for 5 days. 
All under 300 calories easy!


So it's been forever.
Much has changed. Much has happened. 
I have turned 26 years old.
I have moved into a new work position officially.
I celebrated my 5 year anniversary. 
I went on vacation.
                            I dropped quite a bit more weight. 

I am now down to eating around 1,400 calories and weighing about 240 lbs. 
Much different than what i originally started out with. 
I have lost about 84 pounds in about 7 months. 

I am having a hell of a time getting myself back on track. I was doing so good, but now it's as if I worked this hard and I feel I dont have to anymore. 

I know I am making some horrible food choices, with the excuse of an event , a wedding, a party, a birthday. Granted there have beena ton of events, I have indulged in most of them. 

I need to get back in the gym. I have been walking more often. But, still. I need to get back in the gym.

I need to keep meal prepping.

I need to keep loggin even if im going over. 

I need to get my water intake higher.

I need to cut back down on all my processed foods.

I am giving myself until the beginning of September to get this stuff off of my mind and going back to giving it all I've got. 

I am 16 pounds to go until i lose -100- pounds. It is unfathomable for me that i could have lost this much weight. And part of me is angry about it. 

If i had lost this weight in HS, how would my life have been different? Would i not have settled for what I did when I was younger?

Would I of had more confidence to do activities in college?

Why did it take me so long?

Ok- now that that rant is over. Let's get to posting some pics and update you guys ( if anyone reads this). 

Turkey Waldorf Salad Wraps

I baked a Turkey on Sunday. So be prepared for a lot of turkey in my diary. 

If you are still making sure that i eat under my alloted Calorie amount- Check here. 

If you would like the recipe--- Check here. 

--Fat Betty

Day 1 of the May Fitness Photo Challenge

My Goals for May.

BTW, Being 250ls=bs would mean I would have to drop 5 pounds a week for 4 weeks. I'm not sure how to do that, but I'm gonna try!


This is the May Fitness Photo Challenge I am doing.

-Fat Betty


I received a note today over FB, and I have said this many times to many different people, but here it goes again. I don't mind saying it over, if I can help someone then I want to!

  • Hey can u give me any advice about getting off to a good start with changing to a healthy lifestyle? I know all the basics and I have been to a dietician so I understand the basics, it's just doing it everyday consistently that's hard..


  • Thanks for the Kudos. - But im pretty new to it all myself. I can tell you though, that having that App MyFitnessPal has helped me tremendously.

    I count my calories, and deduct my exercise calories burned while trying to net a bit above 1200, but staying under 1500. (You can eat back the calories burned btw)

    When you first enter in all your stats, complete with how much you want to lose ultimately and how much you want to drop weekly, it configures your Macros ( percents of Fat vs Carb vs Protein) and your suggested calories intake using the TDEE-20% .

    It's on the web, and on the phone- So its at arms length, and my diary is public, so i am held accountable for what enters it.

    The database had everything i have ever searched for, and i eat some random things. Almost every restaurant and chain within reason is in the database. ( Most of the time including modifications too)

    I added a lot of friends who have a lot to lose, and i get ideas and inspiration from them. It has a newsfeed, so you can congratulate people on logging in for consecutive days, or being under their target calories, etc etc. The community is excellent.

    I cook alot- so I am able to create a recipe and enter in ingredients by scanning the barcode. Then i enter in how many it's suppose to feed, and i get calories per serving added right to my diary.

    I use a lot of substitutions for things. They say a low fat diet isnt GREAT, but it works for me. I check labels on everything!!

    So low/No fat Sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese etc etc. I eat veggies with every meal, I try to use fruits as snacks, no regular milk- only Almond Milk. No butter- I use no calories sprays with moderations. I drink a ton of water, no real pop, diet pop in moderation.

    I DO NOT weigh myself every day or even every week. If i mess up on a week, it's fine, I have another week to recover. I weigh every two weeks. More importantly - I take my measurements.

    I have a gym membership, and I'm frugal- so the fact that i prepaid and it is drawn out monthly gives me motivation to go. I try to be more active in everything I do. if theres no front parking or just in general, I park in the back- and walk a longer distance. I go up the stairs instead of the elevator.

    Most importantly, i DO NOT deprive myself. If i want something- i have it. But- instead of buying a double whopper- I'll buy a whopper jr with no cheese or mayo and take off the top bun. My craving is over. If i want a brownie- i take a small bite, and get it out my system. In moderation of course.

    I found that it is much easier to stay in this healthy lifestyle if I just incorporate it in- not make it known that I cant have this or cant have that- If my friends want to go out. Sure let's go- but i dont order like I use to. Im not afraid to ask for substitutions, or order side dishes to comprise a meal because nothing on the menu is healthy.

    Most importantly, I think also- I learned not to give up on myself. I use to be so defeated- that if I ate more then i should have on one day. I would say forget it! I'm over it. I'll start tomorow, and then the next day i would over eat, and say ok- Start tomorrow. Now- if i over eat on a day- it's fine! I'm still eating less then i would have before, and my other days are under, and im way under my net calories for the week.


Well, Do You a difference from February through April?