I made it Past 1,500 Calories.

So, I put an extra effort into eating my Calories, and it was weird. I felt full all day- never hungry-( which is good) but I'm not usually hungry even when I'm eating at around 1,200. 

I snacked more on items, and even indulged in a bit of chocolate. Ooooo. That caused me to go over my Sugars- but I'm still within Calories range.

This is what a 1,660 Calorie day with No exercise Looks Like. 
As you can see- I ate my patootie off. 

-Fat Betty

By Julian Lennon

I don't think this can be any more geared towards someone battling weight loss. 

Some times, I don't think people realize, that this is a battle. It's not just a one day wake up and be different and skinny type of thing. This is something that a person has to make a conscious choice and effort to do. And it's hard. you are essentially changing everything. The way you eat, the way you shop, the way you cook, the activities you do, the time you spend doing hobbies, the time spent with family, the monetary increase. 

This is a challenge.-  

And for those of you out there, who get discouraged, and feel like giving up. Remember the Five W's of Life. 

Don't EVER let someone knock you off your square. 

-Fat Betty

Current Weight Loss Progress.

This is where I am. As of 2/15 I was at 304..2. 
With this low calorie funk I'm in- I hope I didn't gain. 
I have to make sure to lower my sodium intake.
 And drink plenty of water before my weigh in. 
Time to exercise tonight. 

-Fat Betty


My daily goal is to eat 1,730 calories daily. That number has already factored in my size, heights, and all the important stuff. That 1,730 should already be at a deficit as to what I was eating before. 

After doing this for a month.- I am finding it hard to even reach 1,200 calories on most days. Now that I know how much I am suppose to eat, and I know how many calories everything is. It's hard to eat it.

Good right? Low calories? WRONG!!!

I'm not making to 1,200 so that means My body is lacking it's nutrients. It will go into Starvation Mode. I can actually GAIN weight doing this. Which explains why I use to gain so easy , and kept getting bigger and bigger. 

No breakfast, fast food lunch, homemade dinner- filled with cheesy goodness and dripping with calories. Or out to eat with Pop, Appetizers, and Dinner. 

No exercise.--- Bed--- Munchies-- Cookies, Chips, Chocolates. 

What a life I lived. 

This is what I'm looking like now. I need to get this up to at least 1500 a day. Today I'm putting in a bigger effort to reach that. I definitely DO NOT want to gain back the 20 pounds I've lost. 

As you can see. I have rarely hit my 1,730. And Some days I have not hit 1,000.


Hubby's going to Lunch- Do I want something?

A Whopper Jr with No Cheese, No Mayo.

So normally if I was going to BK I would order a Double Whopper with Cheese and mayo Meal. I would eat the fries- Drink the Large Coke, Eat the Double Whopper and then Finish whatever the hubby didn't eat from his ( Single Whopper)

According to BK's Website A Double Whopper Meal with Large Salted Fries is 1,470 Calories. That's not even counting the Coke. 

If you'r set on a burger from Burger King, try the Smaller Whopper Version. 

1 Whopper Jr- With NO Cheese, NO Mayo, NO Ketchup. 
Nutrition Info Below

I'm stuck at the office- I's not my Lunch time yet- So Yes- get me a small Whopper Jr with all the modifications and I'll Split it. 


130 Calories.


First time back at Starbucks!!! Eeeek!

I use to go to Starbucks every day.------ I had like a customer card and everything. 0_o   - I'm Serious. 

 A Venti,,,, (ok.......or a Trenta) Iced Coffe with 3 pumps of hazelnut. Half and Half, and about 10 raw sugars use to be my normal everyday drink. If I was feeling adventurous I would opt for a Venti Caramel or Mocha Frappe. Mmmmmm. . . . . . . 

Out shopping with the MOM and BEL and we stop at Starbucks. 

"What do I get?! What do I get?!" 

What else fits into the calorie range today?

I pull out MFP- and I look up Starbucks.
By, the time mom is done ordering and she turns towards me and says- "ok, what are you hav---

I - Reply  --- " I will have a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte, Please. " 

Boom! 80 Calories!

Overnight Oatmeal Bases

 Overnight oatmeal is like a 5 minute fix and you can usually do it for under 300 calories- which guarantees you a filling breakfast.

Check out some of the different starting bases for Overnight Oatmeal and some ideas for Flavors and Toppings.

-Fat Betty


Mixed Berry Overnight Oatmeal #1- 207 Calories

Remember to Click the Links!

So every one is talking about this Overnight Oatmeal stuff. So I said what's the big deal? Let me try it.  Well- Now I see what the big deal is. This stuff is AWWWWWEEESSSSOOOMMMMEEEE! But the best thing is that you can make it in batches so you have breakfast for the whole week. I haven't gone that far with it yet. This is just the second time I've made it. 

Overnight oats is putting oats in a container with some sort of liquid product to breakdown the structural integrity of the oats. You add whatever flavorings you could possibly think of. Jams, Jellies, Fruits, Berrys, Nuts, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Nutmeg-- You name it.- Shake it up- and throw it in the Fridge.  The actual recipe states to use Greek yogurt and milk, but then it also says to use some chia seeds also, and I said who the hell do I know that , 1- eats chia seeds, and 2- has chia seeds in their cabinet right now? Yup- Nobody. I leave them out. I'm all about modification- right?  It sits overnight- thus helping to break down the oats so that this is a cold cereal. I guess you could heat it up- one of my co-workers almost insisted that I do heat it up. But the beauty is to be able to grab it out of the fridge and go. 

I made it the First time and it was great- I used spur of the moment ingredients and it came out pretty darn good. I switched out a Mixed Berry Yogurt drink for both the greek yogurt and milk. 

So this time, I made it as the recipe as it, and it came out great!
I'm making more for breakfast tomorrow.

-Fat Betty
This is me. 

The fat Betty Crocker.

I started my weight loss Journey for real, for real, January 21st 2013. I have tried numerous other attempts at a younger age. And now- about to turn 26, living my life, I realized--- I WASN'T REALLY LIVING. 

The girls at work decided to do a green challenge, intake all greens, get rid of meats, and and do a couple of other assorted things. Since everyone else was doing it- I said why not? At first, I did the green challenge at work. Then when I went home- it was all bets off. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, and as much as I wanted.

I realized, one night sitting there in bed, with my better half, falling asleep and still eating. I wasn't even hungry, I was just eating because I wanted to.  I stopped. 

I decided that while everyone else had started on the 14th or the 8th or whenever. I was going to start my own personal mini goal and just see where I went. 

I decided to get an app that would help me out---- Tada!!! Introduce- My Fitness Pal (MFP). This app and website is amazing. It develops a plan for you according to your stats, You can enter in what you eat, it has items from all restaurants, you can customize your own meals, and recipes. You can add in you exercise, and it already has Pre-set exercises. You can pull reports on how your progressing, on your fat intake, calorie, exercise, trans fats, sodium etc etc.  There are Forums, and message boards. You can ask and answer questions. You can add friends, ( or not). You can view other people's diaries ( where they enter their food). The idea is a supportive community. And it has helped me out tremendously.The pro's go on and on. Now while, most people are there for weight loss, it  has a large community of people who use this for Bodybuilding, Diabetes, Runners, etc. 

A weight loss journey is a a lot of work, and planning. MFP helps you out  a lot. I love to cook, and I could not do it now without MFP. I can scan ingredients as I add them-or- not add them if it's going to be too much. Looking through the message boards, or open diaries opens up a world d of new information. You learn easy swaps, replacements, low calorie snacks and ideas for EVERYTHING.

I have to admit that it's hard, grocery shopping is longer and more expensive, but I almost think of it like a game. 

I love to eat. I've cooked all my life. A Large part of my younger years involved working and running a restaurant.  I do all the holiday meals. I use excuses like the Superbowl ( which i enjoy), the Grammy's  and the Oscars, as reasons to have a small get together and COOK. 

Trouble is-- Not everyone wants to eat rice cakes (which actually aren't so low in calories),  or celery- and neither do I.  Going from how I use to cook where My Motto was " More Butter?- More Better" and going to how I cook now- "Butter Spray? All day" 

This Blog/website will not be perfect. I've never really made a website, or ever really blogged. But i like to update my Facebook LOL :) 

It's really more about my Trials and Errors- and the main focus is on My Recipes. 

Enjoy, Critique, Browse, or not.

This is my Journey, I'm doing this for me- but your welcome to come along.

-Fat Betty

377 Calories of Filling Goodness

-3oz Sirloin w/ Grilled Onions 169
-1 Cousa Squash 19C
-5 Baby Bella's  20C
-3/4 C. Brown & Wild Rice from Birds-Eye 143C
-1 Small Red Potato 20C
- 1/4 C. Spinach 6C

So, the Boy is not here since he's on Spring Break. And the hubby doesn't make me cook if I don't wanna. ( Aren't you all jealous?) So what's a Fat Betty to do when she doesn't want to cook? I for one- improvise.

The sirloin with onions, potato, and spinach all came from my half of a leftover meal from when the Hubby and I went to Applebee's yesterday. Trick for eating out? ALWAYS, and I repeat, ALWAYS eat half your meal. ALWAYS, order a side salad. No cheese, no croutons, no bacon bits. No fun right? I say save the calories, those things aren't going to fill me up and I'd rather eat something that will. So NO!........... please?

I cut up one cousa summer squash.
Cut 5 baby bella's in half.
Cut a bag of frozen birds eye brown and wild rice and measured out 1 cup.
Put it all on plate and hit it with a few sprays of " I Can't believe it's Not Butter" 0 Calorie Spray, some seasoning salt, garlic, pepper, and Adobo and popped it in the microwave. 5 Minutes.
I heated up the steak for a minute ( Because I detest well done meat) separately

I'm STUFFED. For under 400 calories. Of really healthy things. And it took me less than 10 minutes. With stuff I had on hand. Unplanned.