Hubby's going to Lunch- Do I want something?

A Whopper Jr with No Cheese, No Mayo.

So normally if I was going to BK I would order a Double Whopper with Cheese and mayo Meal. I would eat the fries- Drink the Large Coke, Eat the Double Whopper and then Finish whatever the hubby didn't eat from his ( Single Whopper)

According to BK's Website A Double Whopper Meal with Large Salted Fries is 1,470 Calories. That's not even counting the Coke. 

If you'r set on a burger from Burger King, try the Smaller Whopper Version. 

1 Whopper Jr- With NO Cheese, NO Mayo, NO Ketchup. 
Nutrition Info Below

I'm stuck at the office- I's not my Lunch time yet- So Yes- get me a small Whopper Jr with all the modifications and I'll Split it. 


130 Calories.

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