377 Calories of Filling Goodness

-3oz Sirloin w/ Grilled Onions 169
-1 Cousa Squash 19C
-5 Baby Bella's  20C
-3/4 C. Brown & Wild Rice from Birds-Eye 143C
-1 Small Red Potato 20C
- 1/4 C. Spinach 6C

So, the Boy is not here since he's on Spring Break. And the hubby doesn't make me cook if I don't wanna. ( Aren't you all jealous?) So what's a Fat Betty to do when she doesn't want to cook? I for one- improvise.

The sirloin with onions, potato, and spinach all came from my half of a leftover meal from when the Hubby and I went to Applebee's yesterday. Trick for eating out? ALWAYS, and I repeat, ALWAYS eat half your meal. ALWAYS, order a side salad. No cheese, no croutons, no bacon bits. No fun right? I say save the calories, those things aren't going to fill me up and I'd rather eat something that will. So NO!........... please?

I cut up one cousa summer squash.
Cut 5 baby bella's in half.
Cut a bag of frozen birds eye brown and wild rice and measured out 1 cup.
Put it all on plate and hit it with a few sprays of " I Can't believe it's Not Butter" 0 Calorie Spray, some seasoning salt, garlic, pepper, and Adobo and popped it in the microwave. 5 Minutes.
I heated up the steak for a minute ( Because I detest well done meat) separately

I'm STUFFED. For under 400 calories. Of really healthy things. And it took me less than 10 minutes. With stuff I had on hand. Unplanned. 

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