I received a note today over FB, and I have said this many times to many different people, but here it goes again. I don't mind saying it over, if I can help someone then I want to!

  • Hey can u give me any advice about getting off to a good start with changing to a healthy lifestyle? I know all the basics and I have been to a dietician so I understand the basics, it's just doing it everyday consistently that's hard..


  • Thanks for the Kudos. - But im pretty new to it all myself. I can tell you though, that having that App MyFitnessPal has helped me tremendously.

    I count my calories, and deduct my exercise calories burned while trying to net a bit above 1200, but staying under 1500. (You can eat back the calories burned btw)

    When you first enter in all your stats, complete with how much you want to lose ultimately and how much you want to drop weekly, it configures your Macros ( percents of Fat vs Carb vs Protein) and your suggested calories intake using the TDEE-20% .

    It's on the web, and on the phone- So its at arms length, and my diary is public, so i am held accountable for what enters it.

    The database had everything i have ever searched for, and i eat some random things. Almost every restaurant and chain within reason is in the database. ( Most of the time including modifications too)

    I added a lot of friends who have a lot to lose, and i get ideas and inspiration from them. It has a newsfeed, so you can congratulate people on logging in for consecutive days, or being under their target calories, etc etc. The community is excellent.

    I cook alot- so I am able to create a recipe and enter in ingredients by scanning the barcode. Then i enter in how many it's suppose to feed, and i get calories per serving added right to my diary.

    I use a lot of substitutions for things. They say a low fat diet isnt GREAT, but it works for me. I check labels on everything!!

    So low/No fat Sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese etc etc. I eat veggies with every meal, I try to use fruits as snacks, no regular milk- only Almond Milk. No butter- I use no calories sprays with moderations. I drink a ton of water, no real pop, diet pop in moderation.

    I DO NOT weigh myself every day or even every week. If i mess up on a week, it's fine, I have another week to recover. I weigh every two weeks. More importantly - I take my measurements.

    I have a gym membership, and I'm frugal- so the fact that i prepaid and it is drawn out monthly gives me motivation to go. I try to be more active in everything I do. if theres no front parking or just in general, I park in the back- and walk a longer distance. I go up the stairs instead of the elevator.

    Most importantly, i DO NOT deprive myself. If i want something- i have it. But- instead of buying a double whopper- I'll buy a whopper jr with no cheese or mayo and take off the top bun. My craving is over. If i want a brownie- i take a small bite, and get it out my system. In moderation of course.

    I found that it is much easier to stay in this healthy lifestyle if I just incorporate it in- not make it known that I cant have this or cant have that- If my friends want to go out. Sure let's go- but i dont order like I use to. Im not afraid to ask for substitutions, or order side dishes to comprise a meal because nothing on the menu is healthy.

    Most importantly, I think also- I learned not to give up on myself. I use to be so defeated- that if I ate more then i should have on one day. I would say forget it! I'm over it. I'll start tomorow, and then the next day i would over eat, and say ok- Start tomorrow. Now- if i over eat on a day- it's fine! I'm still eating less then i would have before, and my other days are under, and im way under my net calories for the week.


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