First time back at Starbucks!!! Eeeek!

I use to go to Starbucks every day.------ I had like a customer card and everything. 0_o   - I'm Serious. 

 A Venti,,,, (ok.......or a Trenta) Iced Coffe with 3 pumps of hazelnut. Half and Half, and about 10 raw sugars use to be my normal everyday drink. If I was feeling adventurous I would opt for a Venti Caramel or Mocha Frappe. Mmmmmm. . . . . . . 

Out shopping with the MOM and BEL and we stop at Starbucks. 

"What do I get?! What do I get?!" 

What else fits into the calorie range today?

I pull out MFP- and I look up Starbucks.
By, the time mom is done ordering and she turns towards me and says- "ok, what are you hav---

I - Reply  --- " I will have a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte, Please. " 

Boom! 80 Calories!

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