I eat out. It's really a relaxing thing for me. I grew up going out to eat. I eat a lot of varied things. It's not really ever fast food. I'd much rather go to a family diner, or a nice sit down place and have a leisurely meal . And just because I'm changing WHAT I eat- doesn't mean I have to exactly change WHERE I eat. Plus, I'm not really picky. Everyone else around me is. 

I'm notorious for asking "What do you want? Where are we going?"- at least according to my DH. 

I rely on My Fitness Pal when I'm on the go, but when I'm at home or work I'm able to check out the actual restaurants site or a couple of the larger sites that offer nutrition details. 

My favorites:

This is great for checking on Nutrition on everything from restaurants to packaged food and they list a lot of stuff from the USDA database. I think it has the most restaurants yet. Even my Starbucks. But the best is the NUTRITION CALCULATOR. You make how you order, your way and it adds even in all your extras. So you go in and order it how it works for you. ( Ok, not everyone has the calculator yet- Starbucks doesn't- but most do)

Just Diet Now
Is a bit more intriquite. It goes more into actual fitness. It has calculators for BMI's, Charts, Calorie Calculators, Exercise Calculators, and it is geared towards Weight Watcher followers in my opinion, But it has Blogs that are interesting. 

Is such a great tool, I could get lost for Hours. Hours. Everything from information about supplements, vitamins, food, calories, cooking tips, exercise tips, i mean. The wealth of information is so extensive I'm sure you could browse that website for a week without duplicating pages. 

I'll Fill you in on Other sites.

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