This is me. 

The fat Betty Crocker.

I started my weight loss Journey for real, for real, January 21st 2013. I have tried numerous other attempts at a younger age. And now- about to turn 26, living my life, I realized--- I WASN'T REALLY LIVING. 

The girls at work decided to do a green challenge, intake all greens, get rid of meats, and and do a couple of other assorted things. Since everyone else was doing it- I said why not? At first, I did the green challenge at work. Then when I went home- it was all bets off. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, and as much as I wanted.

I realized, one night sitting there in bed, with my better half, falling asleep and still eating. I wasn't even hungry, I was just eating because I wanted to.  I stopped. 

I decided that while everyone else had started on the 14th or the 8th or whenever. I was going to start my own personal mini goal and just see where I went. 

I decided to get an app that would help me out---- Tada!!! Introduce- My Fitness Pal (MFP). This app and website is amazing. It develops a plan for you according to your stats, You can enter in what you eat, it has items from all restaurants, you can customize your own meals, and recipes. You can add in you exercise, and it already has Pre-set exercises. You can pull reports on how your progressing, on your fat intake, calorie, exercise, trans fats, sodium etc etc.  There are Forums, and message boards. You can ask and answer questions. You can add friends, ( or not). You can view other people's diaries ( where they enter their food). The idea is a supportive community. And it has helped me out tremendously.The pro's go on and on. Now while, most people are there for weight loss, it  has a large community of people who use this for Bodybuilding, Diabetes, Runners, etc. 

A weight loss journey is a a lot of work, and planning. MFP helps you out  a lot. I love to cook, and I could not do it now without MFP. I can scan ingredients as I add them-or- not add them if it's going to be too much. Looking through the message boards, or open diaries opens up a world d of new information. You learn easy swaps, replacements, low calorie snacks and ideas for EVERYTHING.

I have to admit that it's hard, grocery shopping is longer and more expensive, but I almost think of it like a game. 

I love to eat. I've cooked all my life. A Large part of my younger years involved working and running a restaurant.  I do all the holiday meals. I use excuses like the Superbowl ( which i enjoy), the Grammy's  and the Oscars, as reasons to have a small get together and COOK. 

Trouble is-- Not everyone wants to eat rice cakes (which actually aren't so low in calories),  or celery- and neither do I.  Going from how I use to cook where My Motto was " More Butter?- More Better" and going to how I cook now- "Butter Spray? All day" 

This Blog/website will not be perfect. I've never really made a website, or ever really blogged. But i like to update my Facebook LOL :) 

It's really more about my Trials and Errors- and the main focus is on My Recipes. 

Enjoy, Critique, Browse, or not.

This is my Journey, I'm doing this for me- but your welcome to come along.

-Fat Betty

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