Meal Prep Is a MUST!

*Breakfast and Lunch*
*5 Days Worth*

*One hour*
*No Extra Shopping Trip*
*No extra Expense*

So, I use to make my lunch every night for the next day depending on what we had left over form that nights dinner. That sometimes lead to stuff that wasnt the healthist seeing as how I cook for the whoel family at night and somwtimes we eat things that are not the healthiest. it's a compromise. I can't just stop cooking all of their (and my) favorite things. And let's face it, You can change a recipe and change a recipe to make it healthier, but sooner or later all the changes just make it a whole new recipe. - The favorite dish is now lost. It's nice to go back and eat a few of the favorite family dishes. 

Anyway, this brought me to thinking about meal prepping weekly on Sunday night for the week's breakfast and Lunch. Much easier than I initially thought. 

Sometimes I will shop JUST for what I am going to eat, or sometimes ( like last night) I capitalize on what I am making for the family, and use what I have leftover. No sense in going shopping for new stuff when what i have needs to be eaten or cooked. 

So last night- I made Turkey Chili! 

Dry beans cooked in the slow cooker, then I sauteed some ground turkey with onions, and seasonings ( chili powder, cayenned powder, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, cumin) and then added some whole peeled tomatoes and the meat to the beans in the crockpot.

 {{ I seperated some plain ground turkey for my Lunch, as well as some plain beans out of the crockpot before i added everything together}}

So the family's dinner was done. And I began prepping for lunch.

I raided the fridge!!

I pulled out some Zucchini and crooked neck Yellow Squash I bought last week and was still good since i never cut it open. 
I had meal prepped some sweet potatoes last week ( whole and just baked).
That's pretty much it right? 
Ground Turkey for Protein....
Sweet Potatoe as my starch......
Squash as my veggie. ( you can have a ton for so little).

Now I do like a bit of variation, so normally i will make two different dishes and alternate through out the week. And by two different dishes, I mean the same protein but i might change the seasonings or flavorings and switch up the veggies. it depends. What do you want to eat?

( I should mention that I had one dish leftover from last week that I will be eating today- Tilapia, asparagus etc)

So I seperated some Ground Turkey into 3 containers. (2oz) (Tues, Thursday, Fri)
Sliced raw zucchini and squash and layered into [2] the containers ( 200gs)
Sweet Potatoe slivers in all containers. (50gs)

In the other Zucchini-less container I added some of the plain seperated Pinto beans I had cooked. I added just some frozen broccoli to the container because it didnt look colorful enough. (HeHe)

That left me with two days free ( one for my Tilapia Leftovers)
The second for a bowl of my Turkey Chili! ( I took some leftover zuchinni and chopped it to make my little bit of chili more substantial and add more veggies)

I make Overnight Oatmeal ( see prior posts) and my newest invention! Microwave eggs!

Less than an Hour. 
No seperate shopping trip.
Breakfast and lunch for 5 days. 
All under 300 calories easy!


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