I didn't cook last night
I didn't get up early today.
What the hell do I do for food?
Because dieting - AHEM!! Excuse me- Lifestyle changes, 
Are all about time and planning. 

I went into the freezer and the kitchen and with 2 minutes I grabbed what I thought would be ok calorie wise. 

I ended up with this. -------------------------->

An Aunt Jemima Breakfast- 310 Calories
A Lean Cuisine Steak Tips Portobello 150 Calories
A baggie of Apples 30 Calories
A Banana (Small) 90 Calories
A Cutie 35 Calories
A Skinny Cow Peanut Butter bar 110 Calories
Total:                                    725 Calories

My total daily target is 1,580 Calories.

That leaves me with OVER half of my daily calories . I could add in a salad with lunch for more bulk. I could add in more fruit, or veggies.-- And then I have a lot left for Dinner and a snack afterwards.

 All in all not bad for a processed day.

I try to keep a few things in the freezer that are diet friendly and the Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice meals are usually good to go. I know that they have soooo much sodium, and it causes water retention- but I will just drink a ton of water today to battle that. And ultimately Myself- ( Not saying everyone) I am not really watching my sodium intake. I'm too new to all of this and I'll get to everything sooner or later. 

-Fat Betty 

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