Non-Scale Victory!!

NSV Alert!
NSV Alert!
NSV Alert!

A "Non-Scale Victory" is a Victory in your eyes. It's something that you've never been able to do before. Something that your able to do now easier. Something that you've always wanted to do. Something you've always looked forward to. Something that changes -that you might not even know had a factor in how or what it use to be ( If you can understand that). 
It could be as small as buying a pair of pants a size smaller, losing an inch off your measurements, Walking or running, joining a gym, etc etc. 

I have been full of Non-Scale Victories lately. 

 After we got home from the gym last night, My better half wrapped their arms around me ( they weren't able to before).
 And I said "Crack my back" ( They've never been able to)-
- DH grabbed me and pressed- And It cracked allllll The way. 
DH was sooooo happy- I was sooo happy. 
We both started yelling and high five-ing. 
 I was like OMG That is so a NSV! 
And DH's like Whats that? 
And I said - A Non Scale Victory-....
 And then we started yelling and high five-ing again!! 

-Fat Betty

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