Mixed Berry Overnight Oatmeal #1- 207 Calories

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So every one is talking about this Overnight Oatmeal stuff. So I said what's the big deal? Let me try it.  Well- Now I see what the big deal is. This stuff is AWWWWWEEESSSSOOOMMMMEEEE! But the best thing is that you can make it in batches so you have breakfast for the whole week. I haven't gone that far with it yet. This is just the second time I've made it. 

Overnight oats is putting oats in a container with some sort of liquid product to breakdown the structural integrity of the oats. You add whatever flavorings you could possibly think of. Jams, Jellies, Fruits, Berrys, Nuts, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Nutmeg-- You name it.- Shake it up- and throw it in the Fridge.  The actual recipe states to use Greek yogurt and milk, but then it also says to use some chia seeds also, and I said who the hell do I know that , 1- eats chia seeds, and 2- has chia seeds in their cabinet right now? Yup- Nobody. I leave them out. I'm all about modification- right?  It sits overnight- thus helping to break down the oats so that this is a cold cereal. I guess you could heat it up- one of my co-workers almost insisted that I do heat it up. But the beauty is to be able to grab it out of the fridge and go. 

I made it the First time and it was great- I used spur of the moment ingredients and it came out pretty darn good. I switched out a Mixed Berry Yogurt drink for both the greek yogurt and milk. 

So this time, I made it as the recipe as it, and it came out great!
I'm making more for breakfast tomorrow.

-Fat Betty
2/25/2013 12:00:50 pm


2/25/2013 01:52:30 pm

What are the ratios of oatmeal to liquid and yogurt?

2/25/2013 02:03:58 pm

Got it!

2/26/2013 01:52:33 am

Love the ideal for the oatmeal.


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