You heard me. the scale is not moving. Well, thats partially my fault. I have been in a funk really, and even though i havent really been going CRAZY! I have still not been eating like I should. 

Take for instance ..... oh the whole month os September. LOL. I was probably eating at my maintenance level. So i have not gained any weight, but I havent really lost any weight either. The whole point of this journey is to lose weight. 

But that's the point. What did i just say? This journey.... It is a journey, there is a destination. No matter how you get there, the point is to just get there. 

Well, im halfway there. More than halfway there actually. Maybe that's what is not motivating me? I have come so close, that i am scared to go any smaller. This is almost as small as i have been. When i i hit 220 lbs,- that will be the last weight that i rememebr seeingon a scale besides remembering the 280 lbs eeekk.

So... I decided to try something new.... Anyone familiar with the 5:2?

So it's not a diet in the sense that you can only eat certain items, or at certain times, or this on that day or this on the other day. Nahhhh. Besides, you guys know how i feel about FAD DIETS. It is an eating plan i guess. Still my alloted calories, just configuring them different.

The idea is to eat at your maintenance level for 5 days and then 2 days out of the week ( non-consecutive days) you eat at around 500-600 calories. Those days that you eat low, of course you dont exercise. That would be crazy. 

I am not going to be eating at the maintenance level either. My maintenance level would be like 2,200 calories. Eh- Im not going that high. I'm going to keep my regular days at like 1500 calories. I figure i just need a bigger deficit. I'll be trying this out for a while and seeing if it gets the scale moving. I am starting it i guess for real next week. 

I tried out one "fasting" day yesterday and i think I did pretty well. 

Check out the next post for my "fasting" day yesterday, 

-fat Betty

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