I am an emotional eater. 
I always have been.

When having an argument, I go for food.

I'm proud to say that I did not do that this time, 
I held strong, and I didn't overindulge in bad things. 

Yay Me! - _-

Who else is an emotional eater? Isn't there just something comforting about eating? About the food? About the same motion back and forth to your plate to your mouth? Something safe, you know it, you know the outcome. I use to seek comfort in that horrible feeling of eating too much and being stuffed to the point that you feel sick or you have to make yourself sick to feel better?

 That comfortable feeling picking out exactly what you feel the craving for,....... Salt, Sugar, Chocolate, Carbs, ..... 

I didn't even just munch on sweets. I would eat bagels, with tons of cream cheese, pizza, frozen burritos, I'd make a sandwich that could you could turn into three sandwiches. 

I didn't just run out for fast food. I hardly ever did that. I would eat at home, in the privacy of my own home, in my pantry. Since I didn't pig out on donuts, or candy bars, or cookies. I didn't feel bad. Little did i know how much havoc I was causing my body. 

Anyways, this post was really to occupy my time so everyone else can eat all the donuts and I won't be tempted. I'm still feeling a little bit raw today, and I'd much rather be at home in my bed, watching tv and eating piece of bacon after bacon. But today I will NOT eat that donut. I will eat what I brought or make a healthy choice otherwise. What might not hurt me now, will hurt me later. I will not damage the progress I have done, with a set back I have experienced. 

But this post is also to show any of you, that this stuff happens, arguments happen. Breakdowns, happen. How are you going to react? 

Thank you all for being my outlet. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. If you even care. Thanks. 

-Fat Betty

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