My daily goal is to eat 1,730 calories daily. That number has already factored in my size, heights, and all the important stuff. That 1,730 should already be at a deficit as to what I was eating before. 

After doing this for a month.- I am finding it hard to even reach 1,200 calories on most days. Now that I know how much I am suppose to eat, and I know how many calories everything is. It's hard to eat it.

Good right? Low calories? WRONG!!!

I'm not making to 1,200 so that means My body is lacking it's nutrients. It will go into Starvation Mode. I can actually GAIN weight doing this. Which explains why I use to gain so easy , and kept getting bigger and bigger. 

No breakfast, fast food lunch, homemade dinner- filled with cheesy goodness and dripping with calories. Or out to eat with Pop, Appetizers, and Dinner. 

No exercise.--- Bed--- Munchies-- Cookies, Chips, Chocolates. 

What a life I lived. 

This is what I'm looking like now. I need to get this up to at least 1500 a day. Today I'm putting in a bigger effort to reach that. I definitely DO NOT want to gain back the 20 pounds I've lost. 

As you can see. I have rarely hit my 1,730. And Some days I have not hit 1,000.

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