I'm Full of NSV's This week.

You read about my DH cracking my back for the first time ever. But I have had a few other NSV as of late. 

Monday- I Joined a Gym.
Monday- I went to the Gym for the first time EVER.
Monday- I worked out in PUBLIC for the first time ever. 

Tuesday- Had an argument with the DH and DID NOT emotionally eat.
              I walked instead.

Wednesday- Went to the gym for a SECOND time in a week.
                   Even after being held up by running out of gas for an hour. 
Wednesday- DH wrapped their arms around me and CRACKED my back.

I only wonder what  Thursday will bring me. 

-Fat Betty

Non-Scale Victory!!

NSV Alert!
NSV Alert!
NSV Alert!

A "Non-Scale Victory" is a Victory in your eyes. It's something that you've never been able to do before. Something that your able to do now easier. Something that you've always wanted to do. Something you've always looked forward to. Something that changes -that you might not even know had a factor in how or what it use to be ( If you can understand that). 
It could be as small as buying a pair of pants a size smaller, losing an inch off your measurements, Walking or running, joining a gym, etc etc. 

I have been full of Non-Scale Victories lately. 

 After we got home from the gym last night, My better half wrapped their arms around me ( they weren't able to before).
 And I said "Crack my back" ( They've never been able to)-
- DH grabbed me and pressed- And It cracked allllll The way. 
DH was sooooo happy- I was sooo happy. 
We both started yelling and high five-ing. 
 I was like OMG That is so a NSV! 
And DH's like Whats that? 
And I said - A Non Scale Victory-....
 And then we started yelling and high five-ing again!! 

-Fat Betty
I didn't cook last night
I didn't get up early today.
What the hell do I do for food?
Because dieting - AHEM!! Excuse me- Lifestyle changes, 
Are all about time and planning. 

I went into the freezer and the kitchen and with 2 minutes I grabbed what I thought would be ok calorie wise. 

I ended up with this. -------------------------->

An Aunt Jemima Breakfast- 310 Calories
A Lean Cuisine Steak Tips Portobello 150 Calories
A baggie of Apples 30 Calories
A Banana (Small) 90 Calories
A Cutie 35 Calories
A Skinny Cow Peanut Butter bar 110 Calories
Total:                                    725 Calories

My total daily target is 1,580 Calories.

That leaves me with OVER half of my daily calories . I could add in a salad with lunch for more bulk. I could add in more fruit, or veggies.-- And then I have a lot left for Dinner and a snack afterwards.

 All in all not bad for a processed day.

I try to keep a few things in the freezer that are diet friendly and the Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice meals are usually good to go. I know that they have soooo much sodium, and it causes water retention- but I will just drink a ton of water today to battle that. And ultimately Myself- ( Not saying everyone) I am not really watching my sodium intake. I'm too new to all of this and I'll get to everything sooner or later. 

-Fat Betty 

I am an emotional eater. 
I always have been.

When having an argument, I go for food.

I'm proud to say that I did not do that this time, 
I held strong, and I didn't overindulge in bad things. 

Yay Me! - _-

Who else is an emotional eater? Isn't there just something comforting about eating? About the food? About the same motion back and forth to your plate to your mouth? Something safe, you know it, you know the outcome. I use to seek comfort in that horrible feeling of eating too much and being stuffed to the point that you feel sick or you have to make yourself sick to feel better?

 That comfortable feeling picking out exactly what you feel the craving for,....... Salt, Sugar, Chocolate, Carbs, ..... 

I didn't even just munch on sweets. I would eat bagels, with tons of cream cheese, pizza, frozen burritos, I'd make a sandwich that could you could turn into three sandwiches. 

I didn't just run out for fast food. I hardly ever did that. I would eat at home, in the privacy of my own home, in my pantry. Since I didn't pig out on donuts, or candy bars, or cookies. I didn't feel bad. Little did i know how much havoc I was causing my body. 

Anyways, this post was really to occupy my time so everyone else can eat all the donuts and I won't be tempted. I'm still feeling a little bit raw today, and I'd much rather be at home in my bed, watching tv and eating piece of bacon after bacon. But today I will NOT eat that donut. I will eat what I brought or make a healthy choice otherwise. What might not hurt me now, will hurt me later. I will not damage the progress I have done, with a set back I have experienced. 

But this post is also to show any of you, that this stuff happens, arguments happen. Breakdowns, happen. How are you going to react? 

Thank you all for being my outlet. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. If you even care. Thanks. 

-Fat Betty

So, I cook.- A lot. - but, I work, -A Lot. - I don't always have time to pack a lunch,- or Everyone thinks it's so good, there's none left. Ooops!

I'm also learning how to cook smaller portions instead of Cooking for a whole Army- Like everyone tells me I do. 

Here lies, the shortcut's I talked about. 

There were on sale.

Don't Judge me.

This Bistro Chicken Lean Cuisine Salad Additions was actually pretty dang alright. I'll take it.

It has Yellow Carrot Matchsticks, Red Peppers, Asparagus and Sliced Grilled Chicken. You top it with a tangy vinaigrette, and crunchy fried onions. 

The only thing I didn't necessarily like was the asparagus. I LOVE  asparagus, but it just came out kind of mushy. 

I didn't eat all the onions, because I didn't feel the need for them. Plus, Fried can't be that great for a "diet". 

The Lean Cuisine Salad addition comes in at 260 Calories. 
1 cup of Salad mix- 10 Calories
1.5 Cups of Baby spinach- 19 Calories
Totals: 289

It's a lunch for under 300 Calories.

I'd buy again.

-Fat betty

This is a huge box of Skinny Cow Chocolates. 
From a Colleague (Holla out to D-).

I found these while waiting in line at Wal-mart to Meijer or some other big box Chain. It caught my eye because it said 110 calories. LOL..

SkinnyCow Makes some great Chocolate products, and Ice Cream products. 

I am officially addicted to their Dreamy Clusters because There's 5 in a pack and I can eat one at a time and make them last a while and not feel at all guilty. 

Apparently everyone else already knew about them! And now they know my love of Skinny Cow!!

Thanks again D-!

-Fat Betty

Not too long ago, the BOY wanted Pizza. --- Ok, OK, I'll admit (quite sheepishly) that I was craving Pizza too.

So what to do ? What to do?
 I had to devise a personal pizza that was good to eat, low in calories, with stuff I had on hand, AND that everyone else would like too.

And this is how we ended up with a Lavash Crust Pizza. 

See recipe here.

The BOY loved it because he could assemble his own pizza.
The DH loved it- because well I cooked it and he didn't. :) 

It comes in the whole thing at 298 Calories. 

I ate about half for like 160 calories. Not bad for including cheese lol. 


-Fat Betty

March 1st 2013 at 298.2 lbs.
I weigh in every 2 weeks.
Today was my weigh in.

Two weeks ago- I was 304. 2

I weighed in this morning- 
and I'm 298. 2.

That's a loss of 6 pounds in two weeks. 

That's 3 pounds a week.

I'm under 300 Pounds for the first time in 7 years. 

I am BEYOND ecstatic.

Happy Friday Ya'll!!

-Fat Betty


Trying out different breakfast flavors!

Strawberry Banana Overnight Oatmeal

Used the base  with Almond Milk and Greek Yogurt.
Added in Strawberries.
Added in bananas before eating.
It tastes like a banana Split.

-Fat Betty


Non-Scale Victory!
I bought a 2x Pants!!

Yup-- You heard that Right. I bought a pair of Pants in a Size 2x. 

I have not bought a 2x in forever!

They were the only pair I liked, and they only had a 2x left. So- I got them. I tried them on. They fit.

They fit great actually., 

-Fat Betty